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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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intersection that's not well defined and using not infrastructure materials but sort of close off the intersection so for a shorter crossing and beautification like transit amenities so if you look here's a slightly better view use the materials such a man harvey rose holes that go into the ground with sewer work and boulders and planter that can go on this this is a visualization of it in the future the created space for the bus shelter one of the standard muni shelters what is exciting using the infrastructure treatment that is something successful can be replicated throughout the city so putting in other transit things done more quickly at a lower cost another set of visualizations
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and this is trying and connecticut street another intersection that again will use the temporary transit mold as you can see this is one of the fun things to expand work with the community on the design and the elementary is a mandarin school this is a preschooler preschool brown have a chinese new year sort of thing to expand do some the detailed designs that again da can be themed by intersections 5 intersection in total final concept that was explored the community shuttle this is again to expand help to expand supplement the service to get people across the site forward scombrt and bart to expand amenity people want to expand get to expand we looked at route
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and expand of service and come up with the cost the identification of the funding services and there's a hard place for the dollars to expand come by we look at private services in terms of how to expand supplement that. >> and this is a picture i want to expand speak if a personal note this was a rewarding project to expand work on a great community partner the landscape architect we worked with bridge housing the partner that was meeting the rebuild project and got great compute people are happy to see the intersection movements memento improvement the planning department through the parks to expand prachlt program you'll
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see prop k we've fully funded the project through the lifetime transportation to expand supplement or to expand make up the majority of that funding plan that is the kind of thing that can be implemented it is early 2016 and the advantage of using the low cost improvements that don't need a catch by an and the park is on the funding cycle with the impact fees so part of rec and park they have the funding so that project will also moderate and hopefully implemented in 2016 and the bridge housing and communicated will refine that prompt and seek out fund with that i'll be happy to answer any questions i know there are a couple of people here from the community that want to speak and representatives from mta. >> thank you supervisor christensen.
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>> i just wanted to say i not my district but i worked very near that site and walked frequently in the area and have a small comment i notice when i sgribd this area typography is mercy housing i see it is difficult for people no familiar with the area to expand understand the role that the extreme tape grateful plays in transit and the paths that people go on the other question about long term maintenance of this i know for example castro street a similar kind of project paint was used as a high visibility location i know we've struggled for example discovering the day from a press conference the power washing
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effects the pavement in the community engages in long term participation in keeping this in good order obviously this can be wonderful or terrible depending on how it's cared for . >> it is a good question making sure we have the mroibz fund for those those great improvements one the prerestricts to expand enter the pavement to expand parks you have a dedicated funding stream so bridge housing has a contract with the parks alliance they run the parks program they'll extend that contract to expand make sure there is regular evens maintenance and picking up trash that's a key piece one of the things that is sited as the rebuild potrero hill project comes through those can be put in different areas not only
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cycle the pieces that can be used in part of city and i want to expand compliment that wonderful plan improvements to the neighborhood i'll be interested in the shuttle that's an idea i've been common core to expand create better assess points to expand certain transportation hubs for our neighborhood so thank you for all your work on this and given no other questions or comments i'd like to see if there are members of the public that want to speak on item 5. >> so on the potrero hill neighborhood transportation. >> please make our comments about the potrero hill. >> potrero hill just like chinatown for the people of value no help you try everyday if you try me from potrero hill i just see what will happy no
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hope no hope with them i try to expand talk with them everyday. >> thank you next members of the public please. >> good morning, commissioners i'm the rebuild potrero hill director thank you so much for letting us speak thank you, michael in the mta for the planning and design for the pedestrian improvements as you know bridging bridge housing will rebuild potrero hill this is a long process at least 10 years in the meantime we need the interim projects to expand have a visible change on site this improvement process is key to expand having residency see visible change rather than waiting for the 10 year police i want to expand talk about a nonprofit that we're working on site called the healthy
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generation we've worked closely to develop the walking school bus they walk 50 kids to the to expand elements daniel webster and stair king as you can imagine with the star typography and cars any member of the public wish to speak on any item up and down the street it is difficult challenging we have three or four business con directing your attention that are walking the kids from that short distance from their homes to expand school he look forward to expand the disaster being shortened for a shorter distance to walk an gambling elements that will engage the kids and also the new riding on the paths behind the rec centers it is dark and hard to see that will benefit them as well as the other families and individuals that use that walkway so we hope you are in favor of this and
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approve it. >> thank you, thank you very much any other members of the public. >> i apologize he want to see we look forward to working with the planning department to expand move us in addition feedback from the community and the final improvements thank you. >> thank you. >> hi i actually am a community voter and work for bridge housing but more importantly i'm a residents from potrero hill i want everyone in the room and everyone watching to expand actually go out of the box and imagine a group of seniors and their black chinese, spanish, scott sanchez and italian and greek and add some that are what
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caners and some in wheelchairs and some on canes from that imagine that group has to expand walk from 6 to expand market street to expand all the way here with no bus add in the hate street hill they have to expand go up to expand get to expand city hall it's a how they get get from the ann annex side to the potrero hill with the route even though it is not the shuttle to expand do that route it is impervious and keep that same group of people in our mind and imagine they're standing at the bus stop and it's 90 degrees outside and their sweating no shelter now imagine that is really freezing cold and pouring down rain and standing at the
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bus stop with no shelter now imagine their people are your mom's you are grandmothers and grandfathers that's the same way as the people up the potrero hill so i want you to expand imagine that it is difficult for the seniors to expand get from one side to expand another not one bus stop on potrero hill no shelter and there's no place for the seniors to expand be able to expand sit down and rest they have a lady that comes and her feet are swollen and other lady this sets on the steps of the housing authority she has the luxury of going if 19 but imagine on the front side of the parks it is lit up and losing looks at beautiful because the other side of the park is homes
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and the other side is dark no bus people get off the bus on the does it is pretty and once you get to the connecticut side to expand that straight away the lighting stops for the housing stops where the human beings live there people walker in the dark with their kids and walkers and crutches this side is important for you to approve that transportation grant and the one next month for prop k imagine you if you want your family to expand walk through here. >> thank you is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on item 5 sir, you spoke public comment is closed. >> so same house, same call?
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>> item 6 and recommended the approval the 2015-2016 transportation fund for clean air with projects this is an action item and mike picking for the record from the mta. >> good morning, mike picking for the record for the clean air seeks to expand improve the air quality the fund come from a surcharge that hands over 40 percent of the fund to the county level including the transportation authority and in 2015-2016 we have money that is from applications totally $8.5 million and decisions to expand make of what to remedy the air district for the cost effectiveness threshold they have to expand prioritize the applications
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out board expenditure is product types in applications this year intre 6 applications recommending 5 zero emissions for non-vehicle applications and two shuttle applications we work closely with the sponsors on recommendations and briefly go through the projects. >> and the realm of transportation demand management new targeting for the residents explaining non-car transportation option before the patterns are set and in the project in portland it was successful by 10 percent and the emergency ride home presents a sense of security for people and this year as an added feature allowing the individuals
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directly not just through their employer short time bicycle parking adds racks that are asking for additional racks and the professional is 74 percent of sfmta requests we didn't have the capacity to expand fully fund all the applications 8th and parkway about help with the facilities along 8 street for lessen the conflicts between cars and bike and install a green paint bicycle lanes to expand continue left. >> for shuttle projects we received to expand applications from the department of public health snlz sflz folks have to
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expand get to expand work earlier we're not recommending fund for a larger application that did you want because of the amount of funds but like to expand work with department of public health if they choose to expand submit an application for a regional t c a fund that will be a call for projects later in the summer with that, i can take any questions. >> thank you very much for your pressing presentation colleagues questions or comments seeing none, we'll open up item 6 for public comment. >> again, please comment on the item and san francisco general hospital i've been there dear
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hospital shuttle bought you know how many people can share to the hospital by bart unusually none of us not even taxicab but ambulance. >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, same house, same call? ? without objection the item is adapted item 7. >> item 7 bay area bike share an informational item. >> thank you. we have doug sore maria first but for context i recognize that supervisor breed as wanted a - to expand help us significantly expand i wouldn't say anything else but introduce doug from the
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transportation authority a introduce his presentation. >> good morning, commissioners thank you, very much for the nights to expand brief you on the term sheet to expand expand the bike share system by tenfold exhausted by the commission last month i think we only have a term sheet i think of kind of the general framework of future agreement that will be crafted just in general as you all know bike share is a docking system that's ideal for short trips especially strong in san francisco given a great number of designations as well as frequent travelers and visits visitors that avail themselves of the back share system
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we're in the admitted of what wear calling a pilot as you can see from the m t c and the current manager the bay area air quality agent and near 70 bikes located in san francisco san jose and 3 cities on the peninsula. >> in the first 18 months the 17 hundred bikes generated 17 hundred trips and surprisingly to others 90 percent of the trips were in the city they have been plans to expand expand the number of bikes but unfortunately we'll attach on that in a second we're not able to get there i have interest in terms of
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travel and transportation impacts we see that 12 percent of all the trips were shift folks directly from single occupancy car trips with that said we have a good ways to expand go to expand reach the performs standard in other global and u.s. cities in terms of bicycle trips for bike share but a number of bikes on the peninsula are forming particular at a lower standard than expect and hoped for in 2014 there were a number of actions that m t c and cities were under talking to begin the expansion of new dollars and new cities were identified when we were looking at the expansion of over 2 hundred bikes expansion
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working with the staff to expand develop a new expansion plan at the same time we've seen a great deal of change for any of i following the bike share it is certainly for a relatively short industry gone through a fair amount of change one the of biggest changes the development of a private sponsoring to expand run bikes in new york city offering 12 thousand bikes at no cost but the unfortunate bankrupts of the bike suppliers in the bay system we're still at 17 hundred bikes as well as the sale of the owner of that bike system to expand a company called mate the company currently managing all the
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largest bike share systems over the last couple of most m t c works through public venues to expand talk about the proposal and to expand talk about how it effects the exciting city your fellow board of supervisors supervisor mar and supervisor avalos have heard about this at the air desecrated and supervisor campos and supervisor wiener are participated in multiple meeting at m t c as well so the agreement that is in place to see the system grow from 17 bikes to expand 7 thousand bridges and zero cost to the taxpayer and as you can see the bracket you can see a great number of bikes moving towards san francisco that is the fact that
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san francisco is a strong trip generateder and the further expansion and investment in the number of bikes the other thing that is appeal about the proposal that came forward from the proposal was to expand quickly expand the system at scale one of the pubically funded bikes is moving a great number of bikes through the process to roll them out at scale 10 three or four years for folks to expand get to expand two or three thousand bikes. >> everyone is also interested in proper we're still at the beginning stages of developing contracts but 5 main areas in which the
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performance will be genocide one on rebalancing making sure the bikes are adequately divided between the stations and overall station performance and xhifrz a few to expand identify to expand make sure their compensated as well as the ability to expand declare default if their consistently in material breach in exchange for the 7 thousand bikes they'll own the bike share equipment obviously the mechanism they've used and identified in other market to expand rapidly scale up the projects the current term is tenures
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because if they're not able to make their delivering the term a shorthand to expand 5 years with to expand year extension opportunity this is a big region hundred of other cities that are really interested in bike share we've identified a small pool of money in order for additional cities to expand participate in the bike share system as well as those cities that are in the bike share system or in the system for the throw the private investment agreements another important part of the proposal is the attention to expand low income l e p community of interest to expand us there is currently a pilot going on in 57 cities in the
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country that are - their specifically looking at to expand increase they're sharing of bicycle share in the low income community that proposal sets forward a 16 percent discount for a bike share membership as well as a $5 monthly installment 20 percent of bikes to be located in community of concern which is a citizen cuss the mta oozed used to identify and to expand identify those locations as well m t c mate motivate to expand make sure they are through the various community partners as i mentioned there was a pool of money set aside say you
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minimal a great deal of interest not only in the existing bike share decided in the peninsula but in the region one of the important distinctions is the fact that the motivate bike share system is conditioned to be used at scale and up think many of the suburban jurisdictions that are interested in bike sharing is not an appropriate investment for the technology as far as ada is concerned we're committed to expand meet all the 88 requirement for the program. >> the last or one of the last slides i'll share was for our board was an eye opener a rough
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estimation roughly $60 million over a 10 year period in converges with the fact we didn't have a source of funding to expand operate the system going forward in the event we have a financed mechanism due to expand changes in the fund we'll be using and the other thing the fact there is a scarce amount of pedestrian and bicycle fund in the region this is a great opportunity to expand steer those dollars towards other needy bicycle and pedestrian needs throughout the region. >> in terms of where we're al at we're in the middle of a progress to expand wind down the 2017 pilot that was used by the air district like i said we're in the first stands still of
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ironing out the agreement to expand motivate some of the special districts that we'll have to expand work with permitting on and then working with the cities specifically on permitting and advertising and community outreach that will really for us an ongoing effort. >> with that i'll be happy to answer any questions thanks for the chance to expand present. >> thank you very much for the presentation colleagues mr. reid. >> thank you i appreciate the presentation i wanted to ask a couple of questions he have had people express concern this specifically the clarity around the cost of using the bikes i was wondering any plans to expand make changes so this is people are clear in terms of what they will be paying by using this service.
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>> it was my oversight not introducing the candice of the system is here i might suggest if i want candice can speak to expand that that is a well project the way in which the system is presented alongside the short time period is free then if you don't dock the bicycles the fees go up this is to expand educate any and all users. >> wouldn't it be easy to expand post it. >> mined that's a - there are materials that are already listed on the docks they're being revised. >> okay. the information that is posted now is confusing you plan to expand make changes to expand that in order to expand make it clear to the pu